SoKINOX machine

SoKINOX™: a new medical device developed by Air Liquide Healthcare

SoKINOX brings easy-to-use NO, VasoKINOX, to the next level:

  • Delivers and monitors inhaled Nitric Oxide (NO) therapy
  • Connected to VasoKINOX®
  • Functions with all ventilation modes, for all types of patients
  • Synchronises NO injection instantly with the ventilator
  • Allows constant flow administration when necessary
  • Includes a backup system
  • Automatic cylinder switch to guarantee treatment continuity

Sponsor: Air Liquide Healthcare Pty Ltd
VasoKINOX® AUST R 235184 manufactured by Air Liquide Sante France
SoKINOX™ manufactured by MAQUET CRITICAL CARE AB - Sweden
Medical Device Class llb C∈ 0123

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