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Air Liquide Healthcare is pleased to bring our comprehensive package, VasoKINOX, to the Australian market. Working in conjunction with Getinge Group, our package includes VasoKINOX (Nitric Oxide), the SoKINOX delivery device, and unlimited consumable kits. Scheduled training is provided as required by your team and 24/7 support is readily available by contacting our 1800 NITRIC helpline, which includes emergency deliveries.

Air liquide Healthcare is committed to reducing your cost while providing the highest level of service. As part of our offering, we can tailor our offer to suit your facility’s needs.



Our VasoKINOX package involves a range of services to support you at any time. Our service includes preventive maintenance and SoKINOX troubleshooting, and a backup device can also be provided within a certain time-frame


We provide a preliminary training programme with theory and practice for your staff and the delivery of a complete station pack for each department

At any time

For further instructional assistance, short videos are accessible via the QR code affixed on the device. You can also access them by clicking the below.       View Videos


Device calibration is performed every 3 months and scheduled training in your facility can be arranged upon request

Training & Events


Full product & gas safety training is available to your staff as requested. Face to face induction training is mandatory, with frequent recap sessions suggested. Our specialised team are flexible and always willing to support as much as possible.


Air Liquide Healthcare is proud to be involved with various exhibitions. Catch us at the next one!

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For inquiries or after hours support please call us on 1800 NITRIC (1800 64 87 42)


What is the gas sampling flow rate?

The pump is sampling at 150ml/min

For how long are the logs available?

SoKINOX keeps 10,000 lines of data in memory

How are we charged?

The SoKINOX device keeps track on the hours of treatment/number of patients treated in the status menu

Can we keep both cylinder valves on at the same time?

Yes, you should in fact keep both cylinder valves open since SoKINOX will automatically shift to the second cylinder once the active one is depleted

What is the battery type?

The SoKINOX battery is a 12 V/3.5 Ah Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable ‘smart battery’.

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